Your Signature, Your Event
Whether you are planning a grand wedding or are looking for the best way to organize a corporate event, Signature Event Planning has you covered.

There should be no such thing as a “cookie-cutter” event, and that’s why Signature Event Planning believes in the potential for all events to be a signature of the individuals and organizations involved in the event.
Certified Event Planner
Shirley A. Deans, IEWP is the name behind Signature Event Planning. As a certified International Event and Wedding Planner, Shirley is the go-to person when it comes to organizing exceptional celebrations and other events.

Noticing a lack of “special” in many special events, Shirley became motivated to start Signature Event Planning. Adding that touch of “special” comes with Shirley’s certification, experience and passion for planning stand up and out events.
Saving Time & Money
Planning an event takes a great deal of time and imagination. It doesn’t matter if you are a manager who doesn’t have the time to plan the corporate Christmas party, or if you are planning your wedding on a budget, Shirley adds that personal touch with every event she plans, achieving her client’s vision while keeping a close eye on all budget allotments.
Adding A Personal Touch
Every client personally meets with Shirley where you will discuss your ideas and your budget for your event. From there, Shirley will create a unique event including your own signature in some way, adding all of those personal touches so that your guests will be truly “wowed”.
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Shirley strives to make every event memorable and the talk of the town!

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