Consultation Only
Certified Senior Event & Wedding Planner - Shirley Deans, IEWP

A consultation for event or wedding planning involves a discussion with a Certified Event and Wedding Planner regarding the details and goals for your specific event.    

NOTE: Should a contract for further services be signed the consultation fee will be waived.
Planning & Preparation Package
A planning and preparation service starts with an in-depth consultation.  We will follow through with finding the necessary venders, and services needed for your event or wedding. We will coordinate all of the details for your event or wedding right up to the day before it takes place to make sure everything goes without a hitch.
Day-of-coordination Services
We will oversee the activities on the day of your event or wedding.  We will give direction to venders and service providers, problem-solve, and be available whenever and for whatever you need so that you can enjoy your event and guests worry free.
Complete Planning Services
This service begins with an in-depth consultation.  We will plan your entire event or wedding and include all other related activities with as much or as little involvement from our clients as they wish.

Your certified event and wedding planner will personally oversee and coordinate all of the activities on the day your event or wedding is held and assist with any post-event tasks.

(All final decisions will need to be approved, authorized and signed-off on by our clients).  

Fee structures: (Written estimates provided)

To provide our clients with the flexible pricing structure, Signature Event Planning offers the following payment options:
Flat rate:
(Consultations Only): $150.00 for the first hour and an additional and $ 45.00 for each additional hour or part. Hourly rate: $85.00. Percentage fee: 15% of the total cost of the vent or wedding. Note: The percentage fee structure is generally used in large budget events and weddings.